Any experienced chef will tell you that preparing a good meal begins with having the right tools and knowing where to find them. If you’ve ever had to rummage through a drawer to find the right utensil, you know how frustrating it can be to work in a poorly organized kitchen.


Finding the right place to store all of your cooking supplies can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s kitchen cabinets have seen dramatic improvements in cabinet storage and organizing tools. In this post from Boca Cabinets in Chicago, we’ll talk about some of the most absolutely perfect kitchen cabinet organization ideas for getting your kitchen in order. Give us a call to learn more about kitchen cabinet options and start making the most out of your time in the kitchen.

Cooking in Style

Even if you spend more time overall in your living room or den, your kitchen is the room where the most happens. It’s where you kickstart your day with a cup of coffee and get your family ready to face the day. It’s the room where countless beautiful meals will be prepared over the decades. And it’s also the place where time after time you’ll connect with loved ones over a pint of ice cream and bond over heart-to-hearts.


Because so much happens in your kitchen, you need to know where everything is and have everything in its right place at all times. A well-organized kitchen is easier to work with, easier to clean, and more pleasant to look at, and great organization begins with cabinets designed for life.

Getting Started

When designing your kitchen cabinets, start by assessing what’s necessary for your kitchen to function. Think about the way your family uses your kitchen and focus on having the essential handy while neatly storing the things you use less frequently.


The great thing about modern kitchen layouts is that they can be easily tailored to the personal needs of your household. Sit down with a kitchen cabinet designer and break down your biggest storage needs and goals. They’ll help you choose the right kitchen organizers for what you’re hoping to accomplish. With a place for everything, meal prep in your kitchen will be a breeze.


Here are some of our top kitchen cabinet organization ideas from the kitchen designer team at Boca Cabinets:


1.   Vertical Baking Sheet Storage

Finding the right way to store baking sheets and cutting boards can be a challenge in many kitchens. If you stack them on top of each other, they don’t take up much vertical room, which means you can end up stacking other types of pots and pans on top of them. Not only is this an inefficient means of storage, but it’s also disorganized and can make finding the right baking sheet a challenge. Having vertical storage slots in your kitchen for baking sheets and other bakeware can be a game-changer.

2.   Lazy Susans

Do you have to shuffle through your cabinet in frustration when you’re looking for the right type of cooking oil or hot sauce? A lazy susan is the solution to this common headache. Get more use out of a deep cabinet by making it a snap to find the right cooking oil or seasoning with a lazy susan. Lazy susans can also work well for organizing your cleaning tools like spray bottles and trash bags.

3.   Pull-Out Organizers

Another great way to store oils, seasonings, and other types of pantry items is with a pull-out organizer or pantry. If you’ve run out of room in your upper cabinets or have limited pantry or counter space, pull-out organizers are a perfect solution that can be installed in otherwise tough-to-use spots like adjacent to your dishwasher or on a kitchen island.

4.   Wine Rack

For some chefs, the perfect wine pairing completes the meal. If you love to entertain and keep a well-stocked bar or wine selection, a wine rack gives you a perfect place to neatly store away your favorite malbec.

5.   Dinnerware in Drawers

If you’re storing your plates in your upper cabinets, consider moving them to drawers for maximum efficiency. With movable pegs, you can place your places and dinnerware neatly tucked away in drawers without worrying about them shifting or becoming damaged. The layout can be completely customized to your needs.

6.   Custom Cutlery Organizer

Most store-purchased cutlery organizers aren’t quite the right size for the kitchen drawers they’ll end up in. They end up shifting around in the drawer and never look good. With a custom cutler organizer, store your flatware beautifully so you can find everything you need the first time you look for it.

7.   Slide-Out Cutting Board

A slide-out cutting board is useful for more than just chopping vegetables or food prep. It also gives you a handy place to stash a cookbook while you’re looking at recipes or safely place your phone so you can check out your favorite podcast while you’re making your famous casserole.

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