Think about everything that takes place in your kitchen. From the moment you wake up in the morning and pour that first cup of hot coffee until the end of the day, your kitchen remains a busy focal point in your home. Whether you live alone or you share your kitchen with a busy, bustling family, your kitchen is a place where you seek sustenance and comfort time and time again. 


Making the decision to change the look of your kitchen with beautiful new cabinets and countertops can mean completely reimagining your space. A well-appointed kitchen also adds to a home’s value and makes a strong selling point. In this post, our design team at Boca Cabinets will share some of our favorite ideas for bringing design and color together to create a stunning new kitchen. Check out these ideas and then give us a call to learn more about affordable kitchen cabinet designs for your home.


Follow these steps to create a beautifully designed kitchen:

1.   Consider the Countertops

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when designing their kitchens without assistance from a professional design team is to fail to consider how the cabinets will match the countertops. Your countertops are arguably one of the most standout features of your kitchen.


One of today’s most popular countertop designs for modern homes is granite due to its scratch and bacterial resistance and relatively little maintenance requirements. Although materials like quartz and marble may feature a dominant color, don’t focus on matching this color to your cabinets. Instead, consider a complementary color based on the color wheel or one of the less dominant tones in your counters for cabinet inspiration.

2.   Don’t Overlook Your Kitchen Appliances

Unless you plan to completely replace all of your kitchen appliances when you’re replacing your cabinets, it’s a good idea to consider how the look as a whole will work together. Stainless steel appliances are one of the most popular looks right now for modern kitchens but tend to look best when paired with more saturated cabinet looks like dark or bold colors. Most homes have either white, eggshell, beige, or black appliances, all of which pair well with neutral and wood-grain hues. Appliance paint is also available in a wide range of colors and finishes. 


3.   Consider Current Home Design Trends

If you walk through an older home with an outdated kitchen, you can often identify the era of the home by the kitchen cabinet doors alone due to changing trends over time. Kitchens of the 1950s featured bright, sunny hues, while 1980s kitchens tended to feature medium dark neutral wood grains. In the 90s, the most popular kitchen look was the country kitchen, which would often feature lighter, more rustic wood grains. In today’s kitchens, you’ll find a wide range of cabinet looks.


One of the more popular styles is dark wood grain including deep, warm espressos and walnut shades. On the other hand, the modern farmhouse look and Scandinavian looks are also popular right now. These frequently feature light neutral finishes and light wood grains.

Putting it All Together

Although TV remodeling shows can make it look easy, designing a beautiful kitchen takes work. Fortunately, you’ve got a professional design team at your disposal when you partner with Boca Cabinets for your new kitchen cabinets. We’ll begin by looking at the current layout of your kitchen. If you’re not happy with your current arrangement, we can work with you to reconfigure your kitchen. Next, we’ll design your new cabinets based on your organization needs.


Consider adding storage options like these in your new kitchen cabinets:


●        Half-moon or fully rotating lazy Susan

●        Built-in spice rack

●        Pull-out waste bin

●        Peg drawer system

●        Wine rack

●        Custom cutlery trays

●        Under-cabinet LED lights

●        Built-in plate racks


Next, we’ll help you design the look of your cabinets beginning with the stain and color. We’ll sit down with you and talk about your favorite kitchen looks then make suggestions to bring them to life in your beautiful new kitchen. We’ll also discuss the style and texture of your cabinets before moving on to your countertops. Finally, we’ll discuss the details that help give your kitchen that finished look.

Create Your Custom Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Imagine yourself in your dream kitchen. What does it look like? Whether you see yourself baking pastries in a dark cherry kitchen with granite countertops or you imagine your family gathered around an island in a bright white kitchen, we can help.

We partner with the best cabinet manufacturers in the region to offer beautiful, sturdy handcrafted cabinets at an affordable price throughout Chicago and surrounding areas. We’ll work with you to design your kitchen perfectly to your specifications and stay in touch from concept to completion.


To connect with a member of our team and get a free kitchen cabinet design consultation or schedule a showroom visit, give us a call at 773-886-4686. Or visit our contact page to connect with us virtually and learn more about custom cabinet design solutions for your kitchen.