Any chef will tell you a beautiful meal begins with a well-organized kitchen. The key to an organized kitchen begins with cabinet organization. Many homes are constructed with deep, cavernous cabinets that make storage a challenge.


At a loss for a suitable way to store pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities, homeowners often end up stacking items and pushing them back however they’ll fit. When it’s time to find what you need, it can feel like you’re going on a treasure hunt where you dig up everything but what you’re hoping to find.


Fortunately, Boca Cabinets offers a number of handy cabinet organization solutions to get your kitchen under control. In this post, we’ll share life-changing pullout kitchen solutions that can transform your cooking experience. Give us a call at Boca Cabinets to revolutionize your Chicago-area kitchen cabinets today.

Transform the Way You Live

A well-functioning kitchen is a key ingredient for celebrations and everyday meals alike. No one wants to end up digging around to find what they need in the middle of creating the perfect spaghetti carbonara or tuna tartare. Check out these great pullout cabinet storage solutions to make your life easier:

1.    Pullout Wastebasket Bins

Are you tired of navigating around the wastebasket and recycling bin while you cook? Do you hate having your kitchen waste out in the open where everyone can see it? With pullout wastebasket bins, keep your trash bins concealed neatly out of sight without sacrificing accessibility. Pullout wastebasket bins are also an attractive way to keep your kitchen looking tidier.

2.    Pullout Shelves

No one particularly enjoys having to kneel down or get down onto the floor to dig around for items at the back of the cabinet. That’s where sliding pullout shelves can be a real lifesaver. A sliding shelf is the perfect solution to deep cabinets, allowing you to pull out the shelf and easily retrieve what you’re looking for. For shelves where you store large pots and pans, pullout shelves are a necessity.

3.    Pullout Utensil Organizers

Every kitchen seems to have its own method for kitchen organization. Maybe you hang your most often used utensils on the kitchen wall. Perhaps you use a countertop utensil organization system. If organization is slim in your kitchen, you might end up tossing all of your utensils into a drawer. But what about using a pullout system to organize your utensils? Use extra cabinet space to organize small kitchen items like utensils, taking advantage of your “wasted” cabinet space and maximizing your kitchen organization.

4.    Pullout Tray Storage

Storing baking trays, cookie sheets, platters, and cutting boards can be challenging. Stacking them means you have to pull all of them out or shuffle through them to get to exactly the item you want. With pullout tray storage, you can store your trays vertically and slide your tray storage out whenever you need one. 

5.    Wall Pullout Organizers

Spice racks are the traditional solution for managing miscellaneous kitchen cooking supplies. But cooking oil, hot sauce, and other cooking supplies can be difficult to store efficiently. With a wall pullout organizer, you’ll get adjustable shelves and chrome rails that are perfect for storing spices, oils, sauces, and everything you need to cook a fabulous meal.

6.    Lazy Susan Pullout Organizers

The lazy susan has evolved, and you’ll love where time has taken it. Our modernized lazy susans feature half-moon shelves that rotate and pull out of your cabinet independently. No more shuffling items around looking for the right thing. You’ll have everything you need in an accessible, efficient organization system.


More Kitchen Cabinet Options

We offer more than just great pullout solutions to help keep your kitchen tidy and organized. We can also install a wide range of kitchen cabinet organizers and details like these:


●        Wine rack

●        Plate rack

●        Spice rack

●        Shelving

●        Peg drawer system

●        Custom cutlery tray

●        Toe kick

●        And more!

Designing Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Boca Cabinets in Chicago, we can help you design cabinets fitted with custom cabinet accessories that work well with your kitchen and home. We’ll help you choose from custom details including texture, color, style, and exposed hardware and accessories to create a beautiful kitchen you’ll love to make memories in.


Order Your Chicago Kitchen Cabinets Today!

Besides offering beautiful kitchen cabinet designs, Boca Cabinets can also help you with bathroom cabinet organization and more! With our comprehensive cabinet design services, we can design your cabinets to suit your home from layout to hardware. To learn more about solutions for your Chicago home or get a quote on your cabinet installation, give us a call.


Schedule your free kitchen cabinet design consultation or schedule some time to stop by our showroom at 773-886-4686. Or visit our contact page to get in touch with a cabinet designer and order your custom kitchen cabinets today!