Replacing outdated cabinets is a beautiful way to add value to your home while updating its look and creating a more comfortable living space. Whether you’re updating the cabinets in your bathroom or your kitchen, you’ve got plenty of decisions to make.

One of the most difficult is whether to change up the color of your new bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Because cabinet color can completely transform a space, you may be worried about making the best decision for your home.


At Boca Cabinets, our Chicago-based cabinet design team can help you create a look that looks stunning in your home. Follow these six tips to pick a cabinet color you’ll love for many years to come.

1. Understand Your Options

Even if you have an idea of what you want ahead of time, it’s never a bad idea to weigh all of the options and see what’s available. You may find there’s a design look you hadn’t considered that catches your eye.


There’s no substitute for beautiful images of cabinet doors in action, so check out our online gallery to get inspired.


Types of Doors to Choose From:

  • Shaker
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • European Style
  • And more!

Examples of Cabinet Color Designs:

  • Whites: Shaker White, Charleston White, White Maple, Pearl Maple Glazed, Dove, Creme Maple Glazed, Textil Plata, Basalto, Blanco
  • Grays: Shaker Gray, Castle Grey, Greige Maple, Textil Grafito
  • Dark Wood: Shaker Espresso, Java Coffee Maple, Chestnut Maple, Espresso Maple
  • Natural Wood: Almond Maple, Cinnamon Maple Glazed, Cuzco Oro
  • And more!


With all of the options to choose from, it can be hard to know which is right for your home. That’s why our expert professional cabinet design team is here to help you through it from start to finish.

2. Color Combination and Door Design

If you’re not sure what color you’re interested in installing for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, start by deciding on a door style. Depending on the style of your home and your own decorating taste, you may prefer either paint or staining.


Stain allows the grain and texture of the natural wood to shine through, whereas paint offers a completely flat matte or satin finish. The style of cabinet door you choose will help to narrow your choices since many colors are limited to certain styles.

Some styles look better with a specific color or wood grain than others. For example, natural, light wood grains look best in a European or Scandinavian style. Similarly, many dark colors look best with ornate cabinet designs, although this is not always the case.

3. Use the Size of Your Cabinets and Space as a Source 

The size of your cabinets should be just one part of your color choice because they can directly affect your options. If the space has large cabinets, these will take up more visual area, so you may want to choose a more subtle color to prevent a cluttered feeling. Or, if you have fewer or smaller cabinets, you could make bolder choices to help them stand out.


The same rule would apply to the room's size, and lighter or brighter spaces can help make smaller areas look larger. And if you have a larger space, darker tones can help make the vibe feel cozy and intimate.

4. Use Contrast as a Muse

Contrasting is trending this year, and playing off other colors in your kitchen can create a unique and stunning effect. One example would be if you had lighter-colored countertops; cobalt or black can create a dramatic flair to help highlight each area's uniqueness.

Or, if your primary colors are lighter, use a darker or earthy tone to help create warmth and balance. The finishes you choose will also matter, so if you already have matte or opaque on the surfaces of the space, consider creating a contrast with lighter colors or a sheen finish.

5. Find Inspiration

It's always recommended to seek outside inspiration because it can help you dream up ideas you will love. Asking friends or family members for their opinion or looking up interior design companies online can be invaluable resources.

You can also work with a professional and choose from several paint color swatches, then hold them up next to your current cabinets to give you a better impression and narrow your options.

6. Your Cabinets and Your Home

Unless you plan to completely repaint your kitchen or bathroom, you may also wish to consider the color of your walls. If your cabinet doors contrast with your walls, they’ll stand out as more of a focal point.

On the other hand, you may prefer a more subtle design to blend into your home. No matter which way you’re leaning, it’s a good idea to consider your home decor before deciding on a cabinet color.


And then there’s the question of practicality. If you have a busy home with young children, you might not want to invest in a color that shows every scratch or spill. You’ll also want a finish that can be easily wiped and cleaned.


Finally, you may wish to consider how cabinet color might impact the possibility of a future sale. Although cabinet color is unlikely to be a major factor in a sale, having a timeless neutral look may make the home more inviting to potential buyers in the future.


Beautiful Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

No matter what you choose, at the end of the day, go with something you feel good about. Once you’ve chosen your cabinet color and design, it’s time to decide on storage options, countertops, and hardware.


Choose from the following countertop surface options:


  • Granite
  • Refined Quartz
  • Honed Marble


Next, it’s time to choose a decorative edge:


  • Beveled
  • Round-over
  • Ogee and double round-over
  • Eased


Finally, choose your layout and storage configuration. We offer a wide range of customizable storage solutions including spice racks, peg drawer systems, lazy susans, custom cutlery trays, sink front trays, and more. Whether you’re installing cabinets in your bathroom, media room, kitchen, or office, we can help you create a space that perfectly meets your needs!

Contact Our Chicago Cabinet Hardware Pros

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During your consultation, we’ll go over the available options and show you around our showroom. We’ll start by talking about your budget and goals and give you our professional recommendations. Our design team keeps you involved every step of the way!


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