There are few things in life that are more frustrating than working in a kitchen without enough space. Whether you’re short on pantry shelving or you don’t have enough places to stash your pots and pans, putting away dishes and groceries alike can be a tremendous hassle. Too often, items end up getting jammed into any place they can fit, leading to kitchen chaos that makes cooking a frustrating mess. But there’s no need to keep suffering through junk drawers and messy shelves with today’s modern cabinet solutions.


At Boca Cabinets, we help homeowners across the country design custom cabinets and kitchen storage solutions that set you free from clutter for good. Here are a few of our handiest kitchen storage solutions:

1.   Add Island Storage

If your kitchen is short on storage but big on space, installing an island can be your ticket to organizational freedom. From extra space for meal prep to an open workspace for afterschool homework help, adding a kitchen island is one of the most useful renovations you can make in your kitchen. 


As a functional, efficient use of space, an island also provides a helpful space for late-night ice cream sessions and morning conversations over coffee. In addition to providing additional counter space, an island is an opportunity to add additional storage and organization tools in a wide range of design configurations. Many homeowners even install sinks, built-in cutting boards, extra cooktops, or appliance storage in their islands.


Any kitchen storage options that can be installed in your cabinets can be added to your kitchen island. This includes storage solutions like open shelving, pull-out shelving, deep drawers, and anything else you can imagine. Just contact our design team to get started on your new kitchen island layout and design.

2.   Add a Pantry

Kitchen pantries are highly desirable features for storing dry food, coming in right next to premium appliances on the list of most coveted home features among buyers.  But not all homes come with walk-in pantry storage closets adjacent to the kitchen.


If your kitchen doesn’t come with a built-in pantry, consider using additional cabinets to create a custom pantry that’s designed to meet your family’s needs. With the right shelving, almost any available space can be transformed into a custom pantry. A walk-in closet space is an ideal candidate, but smaller closets or even a hallway adjacent to your kitchen can be reimagined as a pantry using clever shelving and cabinet organization solutions.

3.   Create Dedicated Space for Small Appliances

When you have several small appliances in your kitchen, they can quickly take over your counter space. Additions like bread makers and espresso machines can make cooking a joy, but they can also clutter up your counter space so it’s difficult to prepare food.


Reclaim your counter space for food prep by taking full advantage of kitchen cabinet organization solutions from Boca Cabinets. Microwaves, toaster ovens, convection ovens, coffee pots, and other small appliances can be neatly tucked away in their own dedicated spaces with custom cabinet solutions.

4.   Add a Lazy Susan

Storing spices, oils, sauces, and other small cooking tools can be something of a mess even when you’re not short on kitchen space. A Lazy Susan carousel is the perfect organizational storage detail for maxing out the use of those pesky corner spaces. They’re also handy for easily accessing smaller pots, pans, and kitchen utensils.

5.   Organize Table Settings

Most kitchens are woefully inadequate when it comes to possibilities for storing dinnerware like plates and bowls. You can only stack your dishes so high without risking the occasional broken dish, and more than a few cups can easily take over an entire shelf.


One of the best storage solutions for dinner plates and dishes is to install deep pull-out drawers inside your lower cabinets and organize them with peg dividers. With a designated space for each individual dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl, putting away dishes will be easy as the pie you serve on them.

Designing Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Getting the kitchen storage you’ve been dreaming of begins with a great design. At Boca Cabinets, our expert kitchen cabinet design team can help you evaluate your space and storage needs to create a layout and storage solutions that work for your home. Once we’ve helped you decide on a custom configuration for your cabinets, we’ll help you choose details like cabinet stain and texture, style, and hardware.


After taking the measurements and ordering your custom cabinets, we’ll schedule a time for your installation that works for you and your family. Our experienced installers will arrive at your home at the designated time to install your cabinets. After removing your original cabinets, we will prepare the area for installation before installing your cabinets with precision and attention to detail.

Contact Our Cabinet Storage Design Team

To order custom cabinet storage solutions for your home, call to schedule your consultation or stop by our showroom. Give us a call at 773-886-4686 or connect with a design pro with our contact page. You’ll love what we can do for your home!