Is living with a cramped bathroom cramping your style? When your bathroom is short on storage, it can make everything from putting away towels to getting ready in the morning a hassle. With the right storage solutions, a small bathroom can feel as roomy as a much larger one. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how big your bathroom is if the storage is poorly conceived.


At Boca Cabinets, we specialize in helping homeowners get the cabinet design and installation solutions that simplify their lives and beautify their homes. Check out these great cabinet ideas for transforming your bathroom storage solutions and then give our design team a call!

Do You Have Enough Space?

Mornings can sometimes be chaotic under the best of circumstances, but if your bathroom is cluttered or cramped, they can be downright frustrating. Ideally, a perfect bathroom should be a peaceful retreat where everything you need is within reach.


Bathrooms are one of the most heavily utilized and multifunctional spaces in a home. Too often, however, designers aren’t thinking pragmatically about daily use as much as they’re thinking about selling beautiful homes. Depending on the size of your family and your lifestyle, a bathroom can end up being a vanity for makeup and hair, a barbershop, a hygiene hub, and even a self-care retreat.


And unfortunately, crowded bathrooms that lack good storage tend to get messy faster. It’s also hard to find exactly what you need when you need it. If you find yourself digging through drawers in a hurry, it can be all too easy to toss everything back in a drawer as you’re headed to work in the morning. Pretty soon, a cramped bathroom becomes a disorganized bathroom, compounding the problem, with problems like these:

●      Overcrowded Shower Caddies

What’s on the ledge of your bathtub or stored on your shower shelf right now? Chances are, that list includes shampoo, conditioner, and body wash at a minimum. If you use several bath products or share your bathroom with someone who uses different products, your shower storage can end up crowded pretty quickly. This is especially true if you don’t have a dedicated space for occasional-use products and they end up on the shower shelf.

●      Missing Drawers

Many smaller bathrooms lack drawers entirely. Instead, you’re stuck with a deep vanity cabinet and pseudo-drawers for appearances only and perhaps a small over-toilet cabinet if you’re lucky. When most of the products you need to store are smaller items like toiletries, cosmetics, and handheld electric appliances, finding an organized way to store them can be incredibly difficult. And too often, you’re storing those items next to all of your bathroom cleaning products.

●      Chaotic Drawers

Especially in older homes, bathroom drawers tend to be too deep and lack practical storage solutions for smaller items like hand towels, cosmetic brushes, hairbrushes, and the like. One less-than-ideal solution is to use various small containers that aren’t designed to fit in those spaces. A better solution is to install custom cabinets with storage solutions that are individualized to the needs of your home and family.

●      Cluttered Counters

A clear bathroom counter is in many ways the cornerstone of a bathroom’s aesthetic. But if you’re short on storage solutions, your vanity counter can end up becoming a catchall for cosmetics, hair care products, lotions, and perfume.

●      Inadequate Towel Storage

Do you have to store most of your towels outside of your bathroom due to a lack of towel space? Or perhaps your towels are stored in a place that’s difficult for all of your family members to reach. Lack of towel space is often the biggest pain point when your bathroom is short on accessible storage space.

Maximizing Storage Space

Before you start knocking down walls to get the space you need, our bathroom cabinet design team at Boca Cabinets can help. You may be surprised to learn just how transformative custom storage solutions can be for your small bathroom. Just imagine how much easier life would be with solutions like these:

1.    A New Layout

Unless your bathroom is exceptionally tiny, don’t assume you’re stuck with the bathroom layout you currently have. With the right layout, you may find that your bathroom has more space than you think. We can reconfigure your bathroom cabinets so that they’re arranged in a different layout that’s more practical and maximizes the use of your limited space.

2.    Pullout Appliance Trays

Imagine having a dedicated space for your flat irons, hairbrushes, and hairdryer. With a pullout tray for your handheld bathroom appliances, keeping them organized is easier than ever. 

3.    Pullout Vanity Shelves

Consider how much easier it would be to keep your bathroom organized with custom pullout shelves for storing all of your toiletries underneath your vanity.

4.    Drawer Dividers

Forget about ill-fitting DIY drawer storage. Our design team at Boca Cabinets can install custom drawer dividers so you can neatly organize all of your cosmetics and smaller hygiene products.

Custom Bathroom Linen Cabinets and More

If you’re tired of the chaos and clutter that’s part and parcel with a small bathroom or less-than-functional layout, contact our bathroom cabinet design pros at Boca Cabinets. We’ll start with a free bathroom cabinet design consultation where we’ll listen to your needs and goals before suggesting ideas that can transform your space.


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