Today’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets are as beautiful as they are practical. Highly versatile and customizable, they can be used to quite literally transform your space with plenty of cabinet organization solutions to make life easier. But have you ever wished you had the same level of organization in other rooms of your home?


At Boca Cabinets in Chicago, our cabinet designs are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, but why limit your space with conventional thinking? In this post, we’re breaking down some of the best ways homeowners are using cabinets outside of their bathrooms and kitchens. Contact our cabinet design pros to discuss bright ideas for your home today!

Bespoke Storage Solutions

Some rooms are easy to keep free of clutter. But sometimes, you just need better storage solutions. That’s why more homeowners than ever are starting to integrate custom cabinet storage throughout their homes as built-in storage solutions.


Check out these great ideas for cabinet storage throughout your home:

1.    Hallway Cabinets

Hallways can be awkward spaces, especially if they’re fairly sizable. A hall cabinet can be a solid stand-in for a hall closet, a perfect place to store frequently accessed household essentials.


Keep commonly used everyday items on hand such as pet supplies, batteries, flashlights, and light bulbs. A hallway cabinet is also the perfect place to store cleaning supplies and household tools like screwdrivers and hammers.


Use a hallway cabinet located between bedrooms to store infrequently used items like gift wrap and craft supplies. Does your family play a lot of board games? Tuck them neatly away in your hall cabinet. Or store your bedroom linens in a hall cabinet so guests can easily access them when they come to visit.

2.    Mudroom or Entryway

Mudrooms are the perfect place to store everything your family needs to head out for the day. Use custom cabinets to create a personalized mudroom with a designated spot for everything your family stores there from umbrellas to sunscreen to bug spray. Install hooks for your coats and shopping bags above your cabinets to complete your mudroom.


3.    Dining Room

If you have a large formal dining area, custom cabinets can be a beautiful alternative to a sideboard or hutch for storing your less frequently used serving ware. Match your dining room cabinets to your kitchen for a finished look that’s cohesive, elegant, and attractive.


Use glass cabinet doors or open cabinets to display your fine serving dishes or prized china. If you love a good merlot, add a wine rack and wine glass storage. Designate a dedicated space for your fine table linens. You can even add a cutlery organizer inside one of the drawers so your good silver can be easily accessed when you need it.

4.    Pantry

For many families, some of the supply chain challenges we faced during the pandemic were something of a wake-up call. If your kitchen doesn’t offer room to store more than a few days’ worth of food, consider using kitchen cabinets to add pantry storage in your garage, basement, or spare room.

5.    Banquette Seating

Need a dining spot in your kitchen? Custom lower cabinets can be topped with a cushion to create a cozy little nook where your family can gather for breakfast, ice cream snacks, jigsaw puzzles, and homework. This type of seating can also work well in a game room or den.

6.    Child’s Bedroom

Keeping toys put away can feel like a constant battle when you have young children. If stashing toys with under-bed storage or cramming them in the closet isn’t your favorite idea, why not add custom cabinets to keep toys neatly tucked away without sacrificing style?

7.    Laundry Room

If your laundry room is cluttered, use custom cabinets to store laundry supplies like detergent, fabric softener, clothing iron, hangers, and steamer. Use the countertop as a dedicated space for folding laundry.

8.    Living Room

A lack of good living room storage can leave your space feeling cluttered and crowded. Cabinets can be used to design a built-in media center that’s ideal for storing your game system, DVDs, and remote controls. Cabinets also look fantastic around a fireplace. Use yours to display prized decorative pieces or store books. 

9.    Media Room

Are you thinking of using your spare bedroom or den to create a home entertainment room? Add dark cabinets to store all of your media room essentials while blending into the dark when the lights go off.


Not only can you create a perfect spot for your speakers and media equipment, but you can also use your media cabinet storage to store fun items like a popcorn popper or mini-fridge.

Order Your Custom Cabinet Storage in Chicago

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