For many homebuyers, enjoying the privacy of a luxurious master bathroom is high on their wish list. Having a private retreat away from the chaos of a busy household is worth its weight in gold. And because an en suite bathroom is used only by the inhabitants of the master bedroom, designing it can be a uniquely rewarding experience.


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In this post, we're sharing some of the most outstanding designs we've encountered over the past year to put together this list of 2023's best master bath ideas. 

1. California Casual 

With its dreamy, soft aesthetic and Instagrammable color palette, California casual is just as inspired in a Midwest home as on the west coast. Beachy, bohemian, and quiet, this look is the design equivalent of a cozy, oversized sweater. 


California Casual


Start with white walls and layer with gentle neutrals to infuse your space with natural ease. Then add bathroom cabinets in a light wood shade. 


To create visual interest in your space, focus on varied hues of the same neutral palette and add texture with mosaic tiles and linens. Finally, complete the look with wicker, rattan, and one or two interesting rugs.

2. Dark & Sophisticated

If you prefer your private space to be a bit moodier, you might appreciate the rich contrast of this design aesthetic. Something about dark walls and severe contrast adds an air of mystery and power to a space. And dark walls are a welcome reprieve for many after a few years where the bright whites of Scandinavian and farmhouse-inspired looks have reigned supreme. 


Dark and Sophisticated


You'll want to aim for an inky palette to achieve this look, but don't limit your design ideas to basic black. Designers are leaning into gorgeous near-blacks and darker colors like deep emeralds, charcoal, and navy. Create drama by achieving vivid contrast with gold fixtures, metallic details, and brilliant swaths of white. White countertops, for example, are absolutely stunning against a deep, smoky wall palette. 

3. Natural Splendor

Designers have been predicting a return to natural materials for a while now, and this year, those predictions have started coming to fruition. Just as the arts and crafts movement of the 20th century was a response to the overdesigned looks of the Victorian era, homeowners and designers are tired of synthetic materials and embracing nature in response. Taking a step back from the rat race over the past year has also inspired designers and homeowners to embrace natural comforts. 


More master bathrooms are leaning into natural wood grains rather than painted finishes than we've seen in decades. They're finishing their earthy-inspired bathrooms with natural stone countertops like granite and marble. Add details like potted plants that can thrive outside direct sunlight and minimalist, handcrafted decor to complete the look.

4. No Boundaries

Minimalism started to take on a new look in 2023 as more designers erased the boundaries between the en suite and master bedroom or even bathroom and outdoors. These designs work best with stripped-down decor and neutral palettes. 


Instead of a shower curtain, a clear glass panel or open shower is used to complete this practical and forward-thinking look. Exterior walls are replaced with a wall of privacy-optional glass. Designers opt for freestanding bathtubs to create a more open aesthetic and incorporate natural and industrial elements like marble, stone, wood, and cement. 

5. Colorful Tiles

Although neutrals can be lovely in a master bathroom, many homeowners prefer a splash of color in their living space. But designing a color-splashed bathroom without going overboard can feel daunting to many homeowners. 


Colorful Tiles


The key to doing it well is to choose an element and commit. Think colorful mosaic tile flooring or a jewel-toned subway tile backsplash. Add a clawfoot tub, lively art in a similar palette, and a hanging plant or two for a bright, bohemian look you'll love relaxing in.  

6. New Playbook

One of our favorite design ideas from 2023 is a return to originality, with homeowners and design teams throwing out the old playbook and leaning into personal style. Rather than be limited by conventional thinking, designs lean into originality and authenticity that start with the homeowner's design loves.


If you love mid-century modern but you live in a contemporary home, don't let that stop you from adding mid-century details to your bathroom, like traditional cabinet designs. Maybe you miss the feminine-inspired florals of the 1940s and 1980s. Why not embrace them and infuse your space with sweet, cozy details that bring you back to a simpler time? 

7. Pamper Yourself

Reclamation of personal style is trending for 2023, and increased wellness is the focus. Spa-style aesthetics may not be the first choice for some, but the design is all about calling in ease when you're looking for a space that promotes relaxation. 


Looking through magazines, pausing for face masks to set, or any other type of self-care preferences can all be accommodated by incorporating lounge-style seating combined with warm and inviting colors for the ultimate pampering space.

8. Contemporary Curves 

With contemporary styles at an all-time high, adding some voluptuousness to the space can help soften any rigid areas in the room. Outsized mirrors and curved features like basins, modern vanity units, and bathtubs can create a visual rhythm that removes some of the angular corners or harsh lines and replaces them with a more indulgent feeling that's stylish and relaxing.

9. Pops of Texture

Texture is all the rage right now, so choosing organic and raw finishes can create a captivating and unique aesthetic. Salvaged bricks and terracotta are eco-friendly choices for an earthy, warm feeling that looks lived-in, cozy, and inviting.


If you are looking for something bolder, textured walls can help hide any imperfections in the space and add an awe-inspiring unique flair and depth. 

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