What do you want for Christmas this year? If you’re dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen to serve up your holiday dinner on, our team at Boca Cabinets can help. While a kitchen can be one of the more costly home remodeling projects, the key to saving money starts with understanding the process.


In this post from Boca Cabinets, we’re covering tips for shopping for kitchen cabinets on a budget. To learn more about affordable cabinet installation options for your home, give us a call today.

Make a Solid Plan

One of the biggest reasons a remodeling project can go off the rails is the lack of a concrete plan to anchor project spending. It’s easier than you might realize to end up spending more and more on the remodel as time goes by. The best approach is to determine exactly what you’re willing to spend money on ahead of time and stick to that list.

Decide on a Kitchen Layout

A new kitchen layout can completely transform your kitchen, making your space far more usable. Although changing your kitchen layout can end up costing you significantly if it means moving your plumbing fixtures and pipes, there are ways to switch up your layout while working around what you’ve got.


One easy way to get a new layout without spending a fortune is to rearrange your new cabinets when they’re installed. At Boca Cabinets, our kitchen design installation team can help you plan a layout that accomplishes your goals and makes the most of your space.


Here is a breakdown of some of the more common kitchen layouts for cabinet redesigns and how they fit into a home:

●      L-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

L-shaped layouts are popular because they make efficient use of the available space. In an L-shaped kitchen, cabinets line two of the walls to form a right angle.


The right angle of the “L” corner creates a useful working triangle that allows the person preparing food to easily shift around between appliances and food prep areas.


L-shaped layouts also work well with an open kitchen layout and make it easy to add a breakfast nook near your food prep space. However, if your kitchen is especially large, you may want to avoid the L-shaped layout as it can make everything feel too far apart for easy use.

●      U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This layout is almost exactly like an L-shaped kitchen, but instead of two walls lined with cabinets, it features three. This layout works well for larger kitchens, especially when a large kitchen table or island is added in the center. And it’s perfect for multiple projects or chefs working at the same time.


The key to preventing the cabinets from dominating the space and making it feel too enclosed is to only add upper cabinets on one or two of the walls, opting for shelving, windows, or other features on the additional wall or walls.

●      Peninsula Kitchen Layout

If you love the idea of a kitchen island and could use the extra counter and storage space but you just don’t have room for it, consider a peninsula layout. A peninsula kitchen is similar to an island, but it makes use of cabinets to create an extended counter “peninsula” that works as a food prep space, table, or snack counter. And it’s a perfect way to connect with your family while you prepare a meal.

Talk to Your Contractor About Your Budget

Once you’ve decided on a kitchen layout and set your budget, ask your contractor to work within that budget. They’ll be able to recommend materials that help you stay within budget without sacrificing your overall kitchen remodeling goals.


Kitchen countertop materials can dramatically impact the overall price tag of your cabinets. To give you a sense of how they can impact your project costs, here is a breakdown of some common kitchen countertop materials:

●      Marble Countertops

Marble countertops look absolutely stunning and elegant. However, they are widely considered one of the highest-priced counter materials available on the market. Due to this hefty price tag, marble is often used only in small areas as it makes a cool service that’s perfect for baking. It’s also extremely porous and can become damaged over time.

●      Granite Countertops

Granite counters are another high-end kitchen countertop material. Available in literally thousands of colors and considered a luxury item, granite is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. However, granite is considered a high-ticket item.

●      Stainless Steel Countertops

If you’re looking for a durable, modern, and industrial look with the feel of a professional kitchen, stainless steel counters are a solid choice. These countertops are extremely easy to clean and highly resistant to all types of damage. However, they can be more expensive to install.

●      Laminate Counters

Throughout most of the 20th century, laminate countertops were fairly ubiquitous in residential kitchens due to their affordability, ease of maintenance, and design versatility. After a few decades of waning popularity, laminates are seeing a resurgence in demand, and today’s laminates look better than ever.

●      Butcher Block Counters

Wood countertops are attractive, long-lasting, affordable, and easy to maintain. Although the surface can become stained or damaged by knives and cookware, it can be sanded and resealed fairly easily. Wood counters are also available in many different stains and types of wood.

Design Your Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

Are you ready to plan your beautiful new kitchen? The holiday season is a perfect time to get your new kitchen cabinet design in motion. Call Boca Cabinets to get your free kitchen cabinet design consultation or stop by to check out our showroom. To connect with a member of our team, give us a call at 773-886-4686 or use our contact page.