There’s nothing like a new set of kitchen cabinets to completely transform your kitchen. Beautiful kitchen cabinets come together seamlessly when combined with the right lighting, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.


From contemporary to clean minimalist to Hygge designs, kitchen cabinets are one of the most customizable features in a home.


While kitchen cabinet layout and cabinet finish are an essential part of your cabinet design, deciding on the right cabinet hardware can also be a big part of the finished look. And with practically limitless options available for kitchen cabinet hardware, it can be hard to know where to begin.


In this post from Boca Cabinets, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best kitchen cabinet hardware styles for your new kitchen cabinet design. To design your dream kitchen, give our cabinet pros a call.

Basics of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

There are two main types of kitchen cabinet hardware design: pulls or knobs.


Although some homeowners choose their cabinet hardware based only on the way it looks, functionality is also important. Many homeowners choose their cabinet hardware based on what they find easier to use daily. For this reason, it’s common to go with a combination of pulls and knobs, placing pulls on drawers that might be difficult to reach and going to knobs for visual impact on most of the cabinets.


Here are a few things to know about the two main types of hardware profile.


Because pulls are larger, they tend to be more expensive than knobs. On the other hand, pulls offer a more prominent visual profile and are easier to use, making them ideal for a busy kitchen.


Pulls are available in many different sizes.


While knobs are easy to install and less costly than pulls, they can be more difficult to open. However, knobs can look better on smaller drawers.


There are also practically limitless options for kitchen cabinet knobs, offering a unique opportunity for creative design.

Choosing a Pull Size

There are a few rules of thumb to consider when choosing a size for your drawer and cabinet pulls. Many design experts recommend keeping your pull: drawer ratio around 1:3.


Use this guide to help you choose the right drawer pull or knob profile.

Small Drawers Less Than 12”

Use a single 1” diameter knob or a 3” to 4” drawer pull

Medium Drawers Less Than 30”

Use a 1.5” diameter knob or a 4” to 8” drawer pull

Large Drawers Greater Than 30”

For a large drawer, you can use two smaller knobs or pulls or go with an inch or larger diameter knob or an 8” or longer pull.

Deciding on a Pull Design Shape

Drawer and cabinet pulls typically come in curved or more geometric profiles. Your kitchen cabinet design should help to inform your decision when choosing which one is right for your cabinets. Use these design rules when deciding which profile to install in your home:

Curved Cabinet Pulls

Curved designs look best with more traditional or transitional kitchen cabinet design styles. More ornate cabinets with raised panels or beads look better with this type of cabinet design.

Square Cabinet Pulls

Sleeker, more minimalist or contemporary cabinet designs look best when paired with understated, squared cabinet pulls that give a simple, flat appearance. Pair these with shaker doors and flat-panel cabinets.

Examples of Knob Designs

One of the great things about kitchen cabinet knobs is that almost anything could really be used as a cabinet knob as long as it can be easily gripped and looks good.


Here are just a few examples of popular knob design shapes.

Mushroom Knobs

Mushroom drawer knobs actually look very little like mushrooms unless they’re placed on their sides. These knobs are smooth and rounded, creating a soft, clean look.

Conical Knobs

Conical cabinet knobs are rounded but have a narrower side where they attach to the cabinet. These knobs are clean, minimalist, and geometric in design.

Bar Knobs

Bar knobs give you the best of both worlds since they’re easy to pull open like a drawer pull but generally smaller. These knobs offer all of the convenience of a drawer pull but they only require one hole to install.

Round Knobs

Round cabinet knobs are simple, minimalist, and round, but unlike mushroom knobs, they have a flatter, less three-dimensional profile.

Square Knobs

Square knobs are attractive, modern, and decorative with a slick, contemporary look.

Oval Knobs

Oval knobs the soft, minimalist design of a round knob, but due to their oval shape, they’re easier to open.

Novelty Knobs

If you want to make a real splash, you can find just about every type of novelty cabinet knob design available from geodes to hand-painted knobs.

Birdcage Knobs

Birdcage knobs are some of the most ornate cabinet knob designs and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to create a softer, more classic look.

Choosing the Right Finish and Material

Cabinet pulls and knobs come in a wide range of materials and finishes including glass, plastic, porcelain, wood, metal, concrete, and more. Unless you’re designing a vintage or farmhouse kitchen, it’s a good idea to draw on the rest of your kitchen design when choosing a finish and material for your pulls and knobs.


Take a look at your plumbing lighting fixtures as well as your cabinet design and color.

Designing Your New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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