What’s your favorite thing to do in the kitchen? Is it enjoying that first fragrant cup of joe in the morning as you scroll through the day’s news? Perhaps you love nothing more than baking – mixing up the ingredients, creating a beautiful, lovingly made cake or batch of cookies. Or maybe you’re one of those culinary adventurers who is always eager to try some spicy new ingredient from an international grocery.


No matter what you use your kitchen for, it always begins with your countertops. And having beautiful, functional counter space is essential to your kitchen experience. In this post from Boca Cabinets in Chicago, we’re taking a closer look at the most popular countertops for kitchens.


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1.   Marble countertops

If you’re looking for a countertop that’s beautiful and elegant, there’s no better choice than marble. There’s a reason marble has been sought after for millenia and used around the world in some of the most iconic historical monuments. Marble is a stunning natural material that is known for its variety, since the veining and color of the marble is determined by its mineral composition.


Of all of the marble varieties available, white marble is among the most coveted, especially when it comes to kitchen countertops. Despite its bright white color, quality marble is fairly resistant to stains thanks to its durability and non-porousness. However, because marble is a metamorphic rock with a largely calcium carbonate composition, it is sensitive to acidic food spills, which can eat away at the surface and dull the marble, so it’s important to clean up these spills as soon as possible when they occur.


Marble is also naturally cool, which is why some homeowners like to install a dedicated marble food prep surface for baking prep.

2.   Butcher block countertops

Butcher block countertops are one of the most versatile kitchen designs.


Also known as wood countertops, butcher blocks can look just as fantastic whether your kitchen is Nordic, minimalist, Industrial, rustic, farmhouse, California bohemian, or mid century modern.


Butcher block highlights the natural grain of the wood and is available in a wide range of designs thanks to the many species of wood and stains that are available. Some of the best species for designing wood countertops include walnut, mahogany, cherry, hickory, maple, and teak, just to name a few. Butcher block counters are also a great way to naturally add warmth to your kitchen.


Wood countertops are incredibly solid and durable, and they stand up well to high levels of humidity and moisture without warping or becoming discolored thanks to the thick veneer that is used to design them. And you can even use a dedicated butcher block counter space with a food-safe surface if you want to add a built-in cutting board, since wood looks great when paired with all types of materials.


These surfaces will become scarred if you use them to chop or cut food, but many chefs find it part of the charm. If you add a butcher block area to use as a built-in cutting board, we can help you decide where to place it since it will be used as a food prep surface.

3.   Granite countertops

If you want a natural stone countertop but you’re not interested in the luxury price point of marble, granite is an excellent alternative. Like marble, each granite slab is unique depending on the mineral composition of the stone.


Granite countertops are available in a wide range of finishes including matte finish, gloss, or a specialty finish. Granite also comes in just about any color imaginable from light to dark, making it an excellent fit for many home designs. It also comes in many types of veining or with grains or flecks.


Granite is more than just an attractive counter surface, though. It’s also much more durable than marble, which means it could be a better option for busy homes where things in the kitchen tend to stay hectic. Unlike quartz and many other types of countertop surfaces, granite is far better able to handle heat.


Although it is best to always use a trivet or hot pad, granite can handle a hot pan getting placed directly on the counter without showing damage or discoloration. It’s also one of the most enduring materials available. In fact, some experts agree that granite can easily last for centuries if well-maintained.

4.   Quartz countertops

Although there have never been more choices for countertop materials, timeless quartz remains the most popular choice for homeowners. Like granite, quartz is available in a virtually limitless array of colors, patterns, and designs. But unlike granite, quartz can be designed to mimic the look of almost any type of stone.


Unlike marble and granite, quartz is manufactured using quartz crystals and a resin product. This process results in beautifully blended seams and an incredibly durable product that doesn’t require sealing.

Quartz is also far more resistant to scratching than wood or marble countertops. Another key benefit to quartz countertops is that when you do need a repair, it’s much easier than it would be with a slab counter thanks to the nature of the quartz creation process.

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