Marble glints with elegance anywhere it's installed, which is why it's one of the most popular countertop options for homeowners. This material has some advantages and disadvantages that might be obvious, and others may not show up until after the installation is completed, as observed by our countertop installation experts in the Twin Cities and Chicago.


If you're planning a remodel or new construction, it's good to have all your bases covered so you know what is required with this material. 


Let's check out the pros and cons!

Pros of Marble Countertops for Kitchens 

Marble countertops are classy and luxurious, and they can transform almost any space, bringing in an air of elegance and style. They offer an unmatched beauty, and each section is uniquely its own because of how it's created. 


Aside from bringing your color and design together, marble comes with multiple benefits, so let's dive into the pros of marble kitchen countertops.

Heat Resistant

Marble is resistant to heat, so if you have a kitchen that sees a lot of bake-offs, you can rely on your marble countertops to resist hot pots and pans. 


Hot pots and plates can rest on them without leaving a mark. This is a major plus, especially for those who own commercial kitchens.


Beautiful & Classy

Marble kitchen countertops stand out anywhere they are mounted. There is hardly any alternative as beautiful and classy as marble countertops. Its natural beauty gives you a unique design formed by nature, and its veining is distinct, so you get a variety in the appearance.


Whether you tone your marble down to a traditional look or polish your marble countertop to add more contemporary sleekness to the finish, the outcome remains an absolute WOW. 


Aside from its pristine quality, Marble is a complex, precious stone that can resist hard impacts. Moreso, due to the heat-resistant properties of marble, it can last you a life time with minimal maintenance and with the right care.


Keep in mind that sealant may be needed to keep it protected, and your countertop pro must ensure that there are no holes in the material to avoid situations that can damage it. 

Adds Value to Homes

Well-maintained marble countertops can raise the value of your property. While they're more expensive than others, they can offer a higher ROI if you decide to sell.


This is especially true when marble kitchen countertops are paired with an accessible kitchen design because their presence might provide the impression of increased worth.

Potential Cons of Marble Kitchen Countertops

As you can see, marble countertops provide many advantages for your property and can be an excellent long-term investment. Many of the cons come down to care and maintenance, and investing in a high-quality brand will make a difference in your experience. 


To help you stay informed, here are just a few potential drawbacks of marble kitchen countertops.

Stains Easily 

If acidic substances such as tomato or lemon juice are allowed to touch your marble countertops and left for a long time, they can cause damage. 


To reduce the effect of some of the substances mentioned on your marble, ensure that you clean and polish your marble countertops as soon as you see a stain on them.


Scratches Easily

Marble countertops can easily get scratched by sharp objects. For instance, knives, spoons, and other sharp objects can easily leave a scratch on marble surfaces. 


By polishing your countertops more often, these scratches might not be noticeable. However, you need to dedicate your time to doing this if you want to maintain the beauty of your marble kitchen countertops for a long time.

Marble Is Very Heavy

Because marble countertops are made from natural stone, they are incredibly heavy. When used for kitchen countertops, you should ensure that your counter has enough weight to support the marble that will be installed. 


You need an expert kitchen countertop installer to help you balance the weight of the marble against the counter and avoid damaging the counters because the marble is heavier than what the design can hold. 

Need a Kitchen Remodel Expert in Chicago or the Twin Cities? 

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in almost every home and deserves every bit of elegance. Installing marble kitchen countertops is one way to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. At Boca Cabinets, we specialize in marble countertop installations and other interior services.


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