Marble has been an elegant and durable material for millennia. It's been used by world-famous artists to create exceptional pieces, and it offers a stunning look with its blue-gray or white accents. After decades and generations of use, it is still a highly sought-after and utilized material and is considered a sign of wealth and luxury.


Marble can be an amazing addition to your home, adding class and glamor. This material works fabulously in the kitchen as marble countertops, but it can be more demanding to care for properly. Issues like discoloration and blemishes can all get etched into the surface, becoming a permanent marking and leaving unsightly spotting.


Fortunately, there are maintenance tips that can help you keep your marble kitchen countertops in top shape, regardless of how long they have been used.

Daily Care Tips

Our countertops design experts at Boca Cabinets are here to help with some daily care tips for your marble kitchen countertops!

Avoid Acid-Based Cleaners & Acidic Items

Because marble is a natural stone, it has a mineral called calcite, which is vulnerable to certain materials. This means that even the weakest of acids can cause a reaction and create erosion in the material over its lifespan. This damage will cause etching and may appear as white spots on the countertops. Marble is also incredibly porous, which means it will more likely retain damage than other stone materials.


To protect it, you want to be mindful about what you place on it. Acidic compounds have the potential to chip through the marble's surface, dulling its appearance. When selecting cleaners for the countertop, keep this in mind. Never use abrasive scrubbing pads or any kind of acidic or abrasive cleanser, such as vinegar and bleach.


You should also avoid placing acidic items on your counters. Always use a cutting board if you have any citrus fruits like oranges or lemons that you need to cut, or if you are working with items like vinegar, soda, or tomato sauce. Sugar, butter, and alcoholic beverages have also been known to cause damage if they stay in the same spot long enough, so use appropriate items to reduce the risk.

Clean With Warm Water and Soap

Warm water and mild soap are sufficient to clean your marble kitchen countertops. All you have to do is to get warm soapy water, dip a soft towel inside the water and wipe your marble counter thoroughly.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

To keep your marble countertops looking fantastic for many years to come, make sure to get rid of stains before they turn into permanent fixtures on the countertop. Due to its sensitive nature, marble is not good with spills left to sit on its surface.


This includes certain types of water, because they may have additives that make them more acidic. The deposits can end up staining the marble and leave require specialized polishing and cleaning methods to get it back to looking new.


Stains from tomatoes, cooking oil, and other substances can be eliminated using a mild cleanser immediately. In addition, a modest amount of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can be used to get rid of organic stains that come from food or beverages like coffee and tea.

Use a Trivet With Hot Items

Items like cutting boards, trivets, coasters, and placemats are welcome additions, primarily if you work directly on the marble. Hot pots and pans can cause thermal shock and cause cracks in the surface due to the marble's porousness, so always use protective methods to keep it looking stunning.

On-Going Maintenance

Marble countertops can be kept clean and beautiful in various ways, as long as you keep up with ongoing maintenance!

Stay On Top of Regular Sealing Practices

Adding another layer of protection keeps your marble countertops long-lasting. Sealants, which function as a barrier between other chemicals and the marble, help decrease stains and etching on marble countertops.


One of the biggest benefits of sealing the marble is that it makes it resistant to staining. The general time frame is that the seal needs to be reapplied every three to six months based on the health of your countertops.


The sealing process takes around an hour, depending on the size of your counters. So, it can be an excellent investment to learn how to make the applications due to the frequency needed.

Invest in Polishing Powder

Etching or scratches leave an unattractive look, but investing in polishing powder can help. It is a recommended option that can be inexpensive to keep the counters looking pristine. The powder can be used every few weeks, and it works to restore small areas and add shine to marble.

Stay On Top of Stains

Staining happens, and five primary types can occur. Paint, biological, wine, oxidization, and organic materials can create these issues.


If you spill something, clean it immediately to avoid letting it discolor. If a stain sets in, there are cleaning products to remedy this.

Cleaning Recommendations

Several products are available to keep your marble countertops beaming, but it is recommended to check with the manufacturer's recommended cleaners before applying.

Wipe Down the Counter

If you are dealing with small spills or debris like crumbs, use a soft and damp cloth to remove them. You can then determine how much build-up there is and if you need to apply extra steps for cleaners.

Use a Recommended Cleaner

For more stuck-on messes, spray the counter area with a mild cleaner and wipe down any harder materials. Gentle scrubbing with a solution and wet cloth is recommended, and repeat this until the residue has disappeared.

Final Step

You will want to follow this up with a microfiber cloth in a buffing motion to dry the material after it's completed. This can be done daily or weekly, depending on how busy your household is, and this can also be an excellent time to implement the polishing powder for any stains you have discovered.

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