Due to their popularity, quartz countertops are an excellent option for any kitchen. Most quartz countertops are mold and mildew-resistant, a non-porous option that is also resistant to bacteria that can cause odors.


The biggest drawback to this material is that the color can fade if exposed to direct UV rays for extended periods. Still, quartz countertops offer durability and unsurpassed beauty, and the material is lower maintenance, making it an excellent choice for most environments. Taking time to care for your countertops properly will help you keep the aesthetics of your quartz kitchen looking luxurious and new.


Whether you have quartz countertops or are looking to install them, Boca Cabinets is here with an in-depth guide on how to keep them in fantastic condition!

Caring for Your Quartz Day to Day

One of the key ways to keep your quartz countertops in great condition daily is to ensure that the natural shine is maintained and that you remove any germs or bacteria.


Because quartz is an easy material to keep clean, they only need to be wiped down with a soapy paper towel or cloth to remove any debris or dirt buildup. However, with any specialized material, you want to check with the manufacturer to see if they have any recommended cleaning products. In most cases, a mild detergent will typically work.


Avoid using any cleaning products that are abrasive or have chemicals like ammonia or bleach on the material, because they can damage the finish and cause discoloration or reduce the shine.


You also want to refrain from using harsh cleaning tools like steel wool or scouring pads, because these can potentially damage the countertops and result in a dull look.

Recommendations for Spills and Stains

Avoiding spills and stains is not the reality for most kitchen spaces – messes happen frequently here. But because quartz is non-porous, any liquids that do get spilled will not penetrate the surface easily.


Its non-porous nature also means that quartz is more difficult for things like bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow on your counters. However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore any messes or spills, because that will only make them more complicated to clean up.


Although quartz countertops are considered resistant to stains, items like soda, fruit juice, or red wine that are left for too long can cause potential spots. In most cases, a soap and water solution will work well to clean up any of the most complicated spills.


Follow these simple steps:


  • Start by removing any crumbs or debris
  • Follow up with a wet paper towel
  • Immediately clean up any acidic items like lemon juice or tomatoes


If you find a substance dried onto the countertops, typically baking soda and water left on the spot for less than five minutes will work to help remove most dried spills. If there are caked-on substances, refrain from trying to scrape them off with anything metal because this can damage the finish.


If you do need to use a utensil to remove a stuck-on spill on your quartz countertops, consider a plastic scraper or knife to reduce the risk of scratching the surface.

Damage Prevention

Quartz is an incredibly durable material. In most cases, your daily living won't cause a lot of damage to it.


Still, there are some steps you can take to help maximize the longevity of your quartz countertops.

Keep Countertops Protected With Cutting Boards

Even with the great qualities that quartz offers, you never want to chopper cut directly on them.


Always use a cutting board because a knife can scratch the material and reduce the aesthetics.

Don't Leave Hot Items Sitting On the Counter

Quartz is typically heat resistant and can hold even to temperatures of 300 degrees, but you want to ensure that you limit how much it is exposed to. This is because the temperature fluctuations can cause thermal shock to the countertops.


Always using oven mitts, a trivet, or hot pads on the counters will help reduce the risk of any damage and keep the material looking stunning.

Be Careful Not to Drop Items On the Countertop

Even with quartz being a stone material, it doesn't make them impenetrable to damage, so avoiding dropping or smashing things on the countertops is another great tip.


Even something as simple as tenderizing meat done with a lot of force can cause chips and cracks in the material.

Regular Maintenance for Quartz Countertops

There is no specific type of routine maintenance that the countertops will need. Most likely, it will require very little daily upkeep and maintenance.


Quartz also doesn't need to be waxed or sealed, making quartz kitchen countertops a perfect option for any busy home!

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