The cost of renovating your kitchen cabinets can run into the thousands and be a complicated and time-consuming process. Fortunately, choosing to paint them instead can make all the difference and create that new look you are desiring.


Professional results require several steps, so Boca Cabinets has them listed below in this helpful guide!

Prep the Kitchen

Getting the area prepped requires removing anything not attached to the room, including appliances and decorations. Any major appliances near the cabinetry will need to be pulled away from the areas to ensure you can fully paint the surfaces.


Once this is completed, the entire area needs masking off and sealing from the rest of the home to keep the other rooms free from paint spray and dust.

Remove & Clean the Doors & Hardware

The doors and any attached hardware need to be removed first, and it's essential to complete a deep cleaning to ensure the paint sticks to the surface. Fronts and backs of hardware, drawer fronts, boxes, and doors must also be grease-free and clean before proceeding.

Ensure Everything Is Sanded Properly

All surfaces need to be sanded thoroughly, and if the inside of the cabinets needs painting, they are included in this process. You want the surface to look and feel smooth when the project is completed, so this means adding a high-quality primer after the sanding.


Be sure to open doors and windows to ensure the fumes are vented from the space, and once the primer is dried, everything will be re-sanded to ensure a smooth finish.

Add the Paint

At this point, the cabinets should be ready for the first coat of paint. When you hire a professional, they take the cabinet doors to an off-site location designed to produce flawless finishes.

After 24 to 48 hours, the cabinets are lightly buffed with fine sandpaper, and once this is dusted off, a second coat is applied to ensure the perfect finish.

Re-Install the Doors

If the doors were sprayed off-site, they would be returned to the home and re-installed, leaving you with a beautiful finish and unique aesthetic that you can enjoy for years to come.

Boca Cabinets: Professional Cabinet Installation & Painting

Painting your kitchen can be a large project; without the right tools and experience, it can cost you more by trying to DIY. Hiring a professional means getting the job done right the first time, and Boca Cabinets can help!


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