Your kitchen is a busy space, whether you cook frequently or keep your meals simple and easy.

And no matter the size of your kitchen, the cabinets are the focal point in the room. This makes staying on top of watermarks, fingerprints, food splatters, and stains crucial.


Without the correct maintenance, you’ll have dirty cabinets that decrease the aesthetics in your kitchen. This can make you not want to cook or eat there, making every meal feel like a chore instead of an enjoyment.


Boca Cabinets is a leading expert in cabinet renovation, installation, and care, and we have five cleaning tips here to keep your cabinets looking stunning!

1. Clean Your Cabinets Every 2 Weeks

It is recommended to wipe down the cabinet exteriors at least once every two weeks.


Additionally, you should set aside time for deep cleaning of the exterior and interior every two to three months. This can help increase your cabinets’ longevity and reduce the potential risk of stains developing.

2. Start High & Work Your Way Down

Whether you do a deep cleaning or dust the exterior, always start at the top and work towards the bottom to prevent recleaning the surface.


Because debris will fall from the top of the cabinets, keep any drawers around them closed to help prevent particulates from falling into the space.

3. Use the Right Tools

It is recommended to thoroughly dust before cleaning to remove any loose particulates. Check with the manufacturer's recommendations for deep cleaning products or utilize eco-friendly cleaners like Murphy's Oil Soap.


Rub in the solution gently and avoid scrubbing if possible. If you are dealing with a more challenging build-up in the grooves, consider investing in a soft toothbrush or chopstick and gently rub that along the edges to remove any build-up.

4. Avoid Soaking the Materials

Most cabinet surfaces will not need excess liquid applied to them, which can damage the paint or finish if it's saturated. You also want to avoid getting water into the hinges, because this can create rust. Spot clean them instead.


If you use a sponge or cloth, ring them out to remove the extra liquid, and wipe them down with a soft cloth when completed. You can also follow up with a mix of vegetable oil and vinegar, and lightly apply this to the surface to help give it a pristine shine.

5. Don't Ignore the Insides

Build-up can also accumulate inside your cabinets, so cleaning the inside at least once a month is recommended. Vacuum or brush away any crumbs or debris and wipe this down with a gentle cleaner.


And if you have items that can degrade, stain, or steam, moving them to another location and using appliances like kettles or pressure cookers away from the cabinets is recommended.

When Only the Best Will Do, Choose Boca Cabinets

One part of keeping kitchen cabinets in great condition involves regularly scheduled upkeep and cleanings, but if they look worn, dingy, or outdated, it might be time to call Boca Cabinets. Every installation we do is based on precision down to the smallest detail, and whether you need to enhance your cabinet storage or invest in expert countertop installation in Illinois, our team is here to help!


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