There is a huge variety when it comes to colors, styles, and materials for your living space, leaving you with endless opportunities to create the perfect environment. From bathroom and kitchen storage to living area cabinetry, creating a cohesive look in your home takes time and thoughtful consideration.


Since your cabinetry is about more than storage access but needs to include your particular aesthetics and function, the experts at Boca Cabinets are here to weigh in on the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry to help you choose the right option for your home.

Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets are considered to be an American style with a traditional design. As the name implies, the cabinet face has a frame, and the drawer or door is attached to the frame, not the cabinet box.


The distinguishing trim board adds beauty and strength to the cabinet construction and is often made of hardwood compared to the cabinet box, which is usually made of engineered wood.


Framed Cabinets

Framed Cabinet Pros

The framed option allows for easier door and drawer adjustment and installation, and they typically offer more modifications and sizes. They also come with extra stability, easier installation, and more customization options to create the perfect aesthetic for your space.

Framed Cabinet Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks of framed cabinets is they are required to have skin panels. This is a decorative covering mainly used for aesthetics and is made of thin panels of wood around 1/4 of an inch thick used to cover the unfinished areas of the cabinet to ensure a matching finish.


Another potential drawback with framed cabinets is that they require extra components due to the doors and framing, which can reduce the amount of storage space inside.

Frameless Cabinet Doors

This style, popularized in Europe, meets the sleek, contemporary design requirements that have been the rage these past few decades. With no face frame attached to the cabinet, you have full use of the cabinet interior.


Due to improved materials, frameless cabinets are decently strong, can hold up to regular use,  and don’t need the added stability that a framed cabinet provides.


Frameless Cabinet Doors


Frameless cabinets offer a more modern and sleeker look, and because there's no frame, this creates a larger capacity for the drawer box and interior. They reduce the bulk of traditional styles and create a more minimalistic approach while at the same time offering greater functionality because there are no doors to maximize your storage space.


Frameless cabinets may be more challenging to install because they do not come with the traditional extra stabilizers that framed designs do, and because of this, there's less room for errors, especially in rooms where floors and walls are uniquely shaped.


The lack of components can also make them less sturdy, and the design can be more costly because of their uniqueness and minimalistic approach.

Get Exceptional Design and Finish with Boca Cabinets

As you can see, both styles have advantages and disadvantages, but regardless of which one you choose, getting a high-quality finish means working with a company who are experts in the industry. Boca Cabinets has been a leading provider and family-owned company since 2008, and we specialize in high-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets that will last through the years.


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