Whether you're doing an upgrade or purchasing brand-new cabinetry, you will have to decide between a stained or painted finish. Both offer brilliant results, but multiple things need to be considered when it's time to choose between them.


The Boca Cabinets team wants you to find the perfect finish for your kitchen design, so here are the essential differences between them.

What Makes Paint Great?

Painted cabinets offer a perfect solution if you want a minimalist or modern design which is still one of the most popular kitchen and home styles of our time. Paint is also the obvious solution if you’re the type of person who desires bold colors or striking accents in your home.


Aside from being flexible, their advantages also include:

Custom Colors

There is no limit when it comes to paint colors, and finding that perfect shade to seamlessly match or compliment your appliances, flooring, or tiling is easier with paint. From relaxing blues and greens to dramatic reds and blacks, paint lets you express yourself with a finish you will love.


The challenge might come in trying to decide the exact shade for your kitchen, bathroom, or any cabinetry in your home!

Hide Blemishes

Imperfections happen, but painted cabinets are designed to hide them. Choosing flat or matte finishes helps cover minor damage, making it almost impossible to notice scratches and scuffs. This is perfect for kitchen cabinets where a lot of cooking is going on and in high-traffic areas of your home.

Easy Application

For cabinets made from artificial board products, paint offers an easier application process than stain because it offers additional protection from its sealer. It also adheres better, and if the cabinets aren't made from natural wood, it can help mask flaws for better aesthetics.

Paint Drawbacks

Painted cabinets have many advantages, but there are still a few drawbacks that need to be considered:

More Expensive

On average, painted wood cabinets are between 10% and 15% more expensive than stained ones because they often require a primer to achieve the fully saturated color look you want, and you may need to apply multiple coats.

Not as Durable

When it comes down to it, paint won't last as long as a stain will. On average, you will need to refinish your cabinets around the 10-year mark, twice as often as stains.

Why We Love Stains

If you're looking for a timeless and classic cabinet, look no further than wood stains. They're designed to showcase the natural wood grain and blend well with multiple kitchen aesthetics. Their top advantages include:

Easy Touch-Up

Dealing with imperfections and minor scratches is far easier than paint because they blend areas more simply, and you won't need to worry about finding an exact match.

Less Expensive

If you're looking at wood veneer or solid wood cabinetry, stain is a more affordable finish because it doesn't require extra steps like sanding and priming. In fact, you may even be able to achieve the look you want in just one or two coats of stain.

Wood Texture Highlights

If you're looking to showcase the wood's character, stain is a thinner material that helps to expose the natural grain, knots, and stripes more easily. You can really showcase the beauty of your natural wood cabinets, and it makes for a gorgeous compliment in more traditional or Craftsman-style homes.

Stain Drawbacks

Even with its stunning aesthetics and low maintenance care, there are a few drawbacks to choosing a stain for your cabinet finish:

May Need More Maintenance

Darker hues can bring a bold ambiance to any space, but their biggest downfall is that they may need more cleaning and upkeep. The darker shades don't hide dust and dirt as easily, so they will require more maintenance.

Doesn't Hide Major Damage

Blemishes and damage can also be problematic if you're using the stain because instead of covering them, it can highlight them, making them more apparent.

Choose the Perfect Finish With Boca Cabinets

Aside from choosing the right materials, you also want to consider your style and budget before making a decision, and while it can be helpful to do research, working with an expert is always recommended.


From cabinet hardware to storage solutions, Boca Cabinets is passionate about creating custom designs with a finish you want to show off.


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