The aesthetics and function of your kitchen cabinets depend on the type of materials and hardware that you choose. Over time, the doors can begin to adjust and wind up misaligning and causing damage as they rub against one another.


However, having adjustable hinges can help alleviate this issue, and they also offer numerous other benefits that the Boca Cabinets team is here to explain.

What are Adjustable Hinges?

Like traditional hinges, the adjustable design is composed of two metal pieces. One section is the bottom part of the cabinet door, and the other is the top. When installed, the two parts create one complete piece.


Adjustable hinges are designed for simplicity with a beaded or tilt section with a ball joint at the base, allowing it to open up to 90 degrees from the center.


The hinges come in two designs: half overlay and full overlay, with half pivot points on the inside of the door and full pivot points on the outside edge. The most significant difference is how much space they occupy; closed full overlays are slightly larger.

Why Choose Adjustable Over Traditional?

Adjustable hinges are a practical solution that can be used for different scenarios. For example, if you have a pantry cabinet, having a door that opens all the way can create space problems if you have to walk through it to open it all the way.


An adjustable cabinet hinge allows you to set the door at a specific opening while still being able to access what's inside. The doors open angling can also be adjusted, ensuring it's better suited for your needs.

What are the Benefits?

Adjustable cabinet hinges come with many different advantages that can make your daily functions easier and increase aesthetics:


  • They are adaptable to any hinge material, including metal.
  • Easy adjustments make for the perfect door opening angle.
  • The hinges can be installed on any existing doors already in place.
  • They come in a wide array of materials, finishes, and styles to help keep cohesion and beautiful aesthetics.
  • They keep cabinet doors aligned and longer-lasting.

Beautiful Cabinet Design Made Simple

When you consider the ease of operation and ensuring that you're getting better daily function, it's evident that adjustable cabinet hinges are the right option to help you save time and money.


They come with an easy installation process, and when it's time to upgrade your hardware or cabinetry, Boca Cabinets delivers exceptional quality. Since 2008, we have specialized in custom cabinet solutions and countertops to help create a distinctive design that our clients love.


If you have any questions or would like to connect with our cabinet design services, give our Chicago office a call at 773-886-4686, or you can message us online, and our team will get back to you shortly.