When you’re in the process of redesigning your kitchen, you want to create a look that you’ll love for many years to come. Most homeowners know the ideal kitchen cabinet space will add value to your home and blend perfectly with the rest of your interior. But sometimes choosing the right hardware to match the look and style of your cabinets can be easier said than done.


That’s where our kitchen cabinet design team at Boca Cabinets in Chicago comes in to help. We work closely with homeowners to create beautifully designed cabinets. Let’s dive into some tips for choosing the best kitchen cabinet hardware for your home!


Putting Together a Beautiful Kitchen

Whether you’re putting together your new kitchen cabinets for the first time or you’re in the process of completely renovating your home, a beautiful design is key. Once you’ve selected your kitchen cabinet design, you’ll want to choose the perfect hardware to complement that look.


At Boca Cabinets, we offer a stunning selection of cabinet hardware designs from Wurth Baer Supply Company to perfectly accent our cabinets. From cabinet trays to organizers and wine racks, we’ll help you design a kitchen suited to your lifestyle using accents that give your kitchen a polished and complete look.


Choosing Hardware for Your Kitchen

When you’re deciding which hardware style will work best in your newly designed kitchen, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the options. Start by making sure you choose durable designs to stand up to many years of a busy kitchen and pick the best material for your kitchen.


A few more things to consider when choosing your kitchen hardware...


  1. Maintain a Cohesive Look – You’ll want to complete your entire kitchen in the same finish. This ensures every piece of hardware in your kitchen matches. That’s why it’s important to install your entire kitchen using the same cabinet design team.


  1. Consider Your Theme – This is where it’s important to work with an experienced designer. Your hardware needs to connect with the thematic design of your kitchen, from a minimalist shaker design to our elegant Charleston looks. Visit our gallery to see examples of our cabinet designs.


  1. Decide on Cabinet Pulls or Knobs – Knobs work well for some kitchens, especially more traditional designs. If your kitchen cabinets are more detailed, knobs may be your best bet. However, some looks work better with cabinet pulls, especially many simple, modern designs.

Hardware Basics

Cabinet hardware comes in two forms, knobs and pulls, and while they both offer the same purpose, their aesthetics are vastly different and they offer varying kinds of functionality


Knobs are typically smaller than a pull design, meaning there is less weight on your cabinet, and they can be opened with one or two fingers, making them an easier option to maneuver. They are also more affordable, easy to install and offer better aesthetics for smaller drawers. The most popular style of knobs is the simple round option, but if you want something less traditional, there are more modern and customization choices available.


Pulls are long handles that a full hand can grasp easily and are typically located in the cabinet's center. They are larger, so they offer a greater impact on the cabinet design style and are easier to use, making them an ideal option for active kitchen spaces. Pulls come in square, round, and oval; however, there are many fun and unique shapes to choose from.

Choosing the Right Size

You want your hardware to feel like the right option for your space, and if you have a heavier drawer, a knob might not be able to support the weight, and a pull may be the appropriate choice.


A few rules of thumb to consider are:


  • For drawers that are less than 12," a 3" to 4" pull or 1" knob is appropriate
  • Medium drawers less than 30" use a 4" to 8" pull or 1" knob
  • For drawers larger than 30", choose a 1" or larger knob or 8" pull


Additionally, consider the cabinet's aesthetics because the hardware’s finish will directly affect style. With options like porcelain, wood, glass, metal, and plastic, and unique customization options, there is something for every kitchen space.



Working with a Cabinet Design Team

When you work with a professional and experienced kitchen cabinet designer, you’ll get to create a look that combines your vision with design expertise. We’ll start by helping you select an overall style for your kitchen.


We’ll ask important questions like these to get started:


  • What type of layout are you dreaming of?
  • Do you prefer a sleek, modern design?
  • Are you dreaming of something more traditional?
  • Are you drawn to the simple elegance of natural wood designs?
  • Would you prefer a solid stain or color palette?
  • What type of texture do you envision?
  • Are you hoping to tuck away appliances or a pet station discreetly?
  • What accessories would you like to add?

From Concept to Vision

In addition to choosing your kitchen cabinets and hardware, you’ll need to decide on your kitchen countertops. After outlining your ideas and goals for your new kitchen, we’ll help you choose the right cabinet materials to execute your design. We’ll discuss which cabinet components will be needed to help bring your ideas to life and reconceptualize anything that may need to be reimagined for solid execution.


Our team will also help you make decisions about your budget and the design elements you’ll want to prioritize. Once you’ve chosen your cabinets, countertops, and hardware, we can help you finish your kitchen by installing cabinet organization designs from lazy susans to custom cutlery trays.

Executing Your Vision

Now that you’ve made the decisions needed to create a complete kitchen design, it’s time to install your new cabinets. We’ll arrive at your home to take measurements, order your cabinets, and set a date for your installation.


After removing the existing cabinets from your kitchen, we’ll clean and prepare the space before installing your new kitchen design. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way so you understand exactly what to expect.


Contact Your Chicago Source for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Working with a team of experts to install your cabinets can mean the difference between functional and elegant. When it comes to creating a stunning kitchen, if you can dream it, our kitchen design team can help make it a reality. With our experience and elegant cabinet designs, we can help you create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.


Connect with our Boca Cabinets cabinet design pros to find out how we can help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Stop by our Chicago showroom to get your consultation, or you can call us at 773-886-4686. To connect with a cabinet designer online, stop by our contact page and share your ideas today.