If you’re thinking of updating your bathroom, redesigning your cabinets is one of the most transformational design steps you can take. Changing out the look of your bathroom wall cabinets can give your bathroom an entirely different look while helping you make better use out of the space you have. Because they take up so much space in a bathroom, your cabinets in many ways define the space by creating a backdrop for your other bathroom features.


When it comes to redefining your bathroom space with beautiful new cabinets, the cabinet storage and countertop pros at Boca Cabinets can help you bring new life to your space. We offer a wide selection of stunning bathroom cabinet design ideas in various textures, woods, and colors. In this blog post, we’ll share ideas for designing a beautiful bathroom you’ll love for your Chicago-area home and talk about what to expect during the installation process.


Designing Your Bathroom Cabinets

When you design your own bathroom cabinets and countertops, you get to decide how you want your space to be used. Unlike the original cabinets that are built to the standard contracting specifications, you’ll have the chance to bring your space needs and unique taste together your way.


But what does it take to design your dream bathroom? Start by imagining the cabinet door style that works well for your home but integrates a look you’ve been dreaming of. This will help you choose the materials and style that works best for your home. You’ll also want to consider how you plan to use a space and the type of storage you’re looking for.

Ideas for Bathroom Cabinet Design

If you’re not sure where to begin with your cabinet design, start with a visit to our online gallery to get ideas. You can also check out design magazines and websites to search for inspiration. Many homeowners don’t realize the full potential for their bathroom cabinet configurations because they’re stuck with traditional design ideas. Thinking about the ways you use your bathroom can help you expand your ideas and think outside of the box. You may be surprised at the realm of possibilities that are available when putting together your bathroom cabinets.


Check out these great bathroom design ideas:

1.   Single Bathroom Vanity

Spare bathrooms are a great addition to have when you’re entertaining guests, and they can be a lifesaver for large families. But spare bathrooms are often much smaller than the master bath in a home. Storage in these bathrooms can be a headache when there’s no place to stash towels or extra toiletries.


However, a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up on a bathroom vanity. We can customize a small vanity that’s perfectly suited for your small bathroom no matter the size.

2.   Large Double Bathroom Vanity

If you’ve got a large master bath, there’s nothing quite as elegant as a sprawling double vanity. You and your spouse will enjoy plenty of space to get ready in the morning without tripping over each other. We can also help you make the most of your vanity space so there’s plenty of room for everything you need to start the day.

3.   Linen Shelf

Finding the right place to stash your towels is one of the greatest bathroom storage conundrums. Consider adding an attractive linen shelf for storing your towels. A solitary linen shelf is also a lovely place to display apothecary jars and other decor for a clean, minimalist look.

4.   Combining Cabinets and Shelves

When you think of a traditional vanity, there’s a good chance you’ll imagine a block of cabinets. By integrating open shelving alongside traditional cabinet solutions, you can create more versatility in your bathroom storage. Drawer dividers and custom storage solutions come together for an extra level of organization.

5.   Pullout Cabinet Drawers

Are you tired of cluttered toiletry drawers? A pull-out cabinet drawer can help you maximize your storage space. With a pullout drawer, bath essentials, beauty products, and personal hygiene items can be tucked discreetly away, banishing bathroom clutter.

Your Chicago Source for Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets

The best part about working with an expert cabinet design team is that we can translate your vision into a reality. Whether you’re looking for ways to make better use of your bathroom space or you’re hoping to create a stunning bathroom oasis, we can help you design your perfect cabinets. We’ll begin by taking measurements in your bathroom and outlining ideas for cabinet storage from bathroom linen cabinets to beautifully accentuating cabinet hardware. We’ll handle the hard part so all you have to worry about is picking the perfect bath bombs to enjoy while you take in your new space.


Speak with our Boca Cabinets bathroom storage cabinet experts to get started on your perfect bathroom. Visit our Chicago showroom for a consultation or call us at 773-886-4686. You can also stop by our contact page to connect with us on the web and share your design ideas.