Cabinet Design Services

We Can Design Your Room Around Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of your home’s greatest investments. More than any other room element, they combine the best of all worlds: style, functionality, storage, and statement. Your cabinets are not just another addition to your kitchen or bath. They are an extension of who you are and an expression of your creativity and lifestyle.

As you think about replacing your old cabinets, you need to consider how the new units are going to affect your room environment. After all, the cabinets will always be in your direct line of sight, when you enter the bathroom or kitchen. Thus, they will always make the first impression.

Our cabinet designers can help you carefully choose each element of your cabinet scheme.
  • Stain or Color: Are you looking for a natural wood feel or do you want to go with a clean solid palette?
  • Texture: What will the surface of the doors and boxes look and feel like?
  • Style: Which style emulates your personal taste: traditional, transitional, or modern?
  • Accessories: What small additions can add to your cabinets to make them more functional or fashionable?
  • Arrangement: Will the new cabinets fall in line with the already established layout or do you want to scratch that reconfigure the arrangement in the room?
  • Storage: Are you a minimalist or do you like lots of kitchenware and appliances?
No matter what you are going for, we can help you achieve the results you want down to the smallest details. And details are what make the design.
Have you ever wished you had an experienced guide with you to help you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes? Boca Cabinets understands. This is why we do more than just sell kitchen and bathroom products.

We want you to feel confident about every cabinet decision you make no matter how small. Therefore, we provide consultation and advice on every facet of your project.
  • What is the best cabinet materials for your design?
  • Where should you spend money? Where should you save money?
  • How much time should you allot for your project?
  • Which decisions will ultimately lead to disaster?
  • What cabinet components ultimately bring the most satisfaction?
  • Can you install cabinets on your own or should you hire a professional?
We answer the tough questions and provide time-tested insights that help guide you along the way. If you have a question or concern, feel free to sit down with our cabinet consultants.
Now that you’ve made all the important decisions, it’s time to execute.

We provide a team of seasoned installers to arrive on site as scheduled and install your new cabinets. We have already covered the details during the planning stages. The pre-installation details include taking measurements, ordering your cabinets, setting an installation date, gathering all the necessary tools, products, and supplies, and formulating a game plan for installing the cabinets.

We will remove the old cabinets clean the area, prepare the walls or flooring, and then install your custom cabinets according to plan. We fit the cabinets with absolute precision ensuring that they are secure and will last a long time.

Complete Cabinet Design Services Nationwide

If you are ready to revitalize your kitchen or bathroom with brand new, high quality cabinets, then contact Boca Cabinets. We provide expert advice and exceptional customer service.

To schedule a consultation, call us today at 773-886-4686, or you can message us on our Contact page. Interested in seeing some of our beautiful bathroom cabinets first hand? Visit our showroom in Chicago!