Cabinet Organizers

Cabinet Organizers

Revitalize your kitchen with organizers that highlight your cabinet’s best features while making your kitchen more readily accessible. Boca Cabinets offers an endless selection of organizers and accessories that make your life a little easier while enhancing your kitchen’s overall design.

We can help you remodel your entire kitchen by focusing on the subtle elements that make a significant impact. If you are looking to take your kitchen design to the next level, then contact us today at 773-886-4686.

Top Trending Kitchen Accessories

Today’s kitchen organizers offer more features, styles, and functionality to give you a well-rounded experience in the most important room in your home. Some of our top selling accessories include:

ped drawer cabinet organizer

Peg Drawer Systems

Pegs make the ultimate organizers that separate your dishes and other kitchenware into tidy sections. You can position the pegs to accommodate different dish sizes and dimensions.

wall spice rack systems

Spice Racks

We can install spice racks anywhere you want them - inside your cabinet door, along the wall, or adjacent to a shelf. You no longer have to dig through the cabinet to find your favorite spice.

in cabinet trash cans

Trash Bins

Are you looking for a compact way to conceal your waste? You can choose single or double trash bins that slide in and out easily, making your garbage can accessible and convenient.

silverware organizer tray

Custom Cutlery Trays

Unlike generic trays you get at retail stores, you can have your trays custom cut and custom installed. They work around your silverware without wasting space.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Whether you want a half-moon or a full rotating lazy susan, just let us know where you want it installed, and we can fit the model right inside your existing cabinet. We can fit a lazy susan to any cabinet dimension top or bottom.

pots and pans cabinet

Base Filler

Do you have a little extra “wasted” cabinet space? Why not utilize it with a base filler? A filler can hold small kitchen items and keep them organized. All you have to do is pull it out to open and push it gently with a soft close.

Sink Front Trays

Sink Front Trays

Trays are also a great way to fill up that empty space in front of your sink. Sink front trays are easy to install. We can customize your trays to match your cabinets.

Custom Installation for Your Cabinet Organizers

Boca Cabinets can take any design concept you have and turn it into an organizer that works for your lifestyle. We can meet with you to go over the details, help you refine your ideas, and then find the perfect product that meets your specifications.

We offer full custom installation, consultation, and product sales. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with Boca Cabinets.

Contact Boca Cabinets for Your Kitchen Installation Needs

Boca Cabinets can help you transform your old kitchen into a brand new fully-functional kitchen complete with an assortment of organizers and accessories. We also offer cabinet installation, consultation, and design.

To schedule a consultation or start your installation, call us today at 773-886-4686, or you can message us on our Contact page.