Have you been dreaming of a beautiful newly remodeled bathroom? A new bathroom can add value to your home while creating a luxurious retreat to unwind in. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, deciding on a budget is a great place to start. Creating a remodeling budget gives you a sense of what you can afford and helps to focus your vision in line with what’s in your bank account. And when it comes to bathroom cabinets, staying within your budget is easier than you may realize.


At Boca Cabinets, our bathroom cabinet storage pros can help you transform your bathroom cabinets at a budget-friendly price. In this post, we’re sharing our best advice for budgeting your bathroom remodel project. Give us a call to discuss bathroom wall cabinets for your Chicago-area home today.

1.   Set Goals.

Start your budgeting process by outlining your project goals. Take a look around your bathroom. Are you looking for a way to transform the overall design? Are you happy with your bathroom’s current layout and cabinet organization? Decide on your bathroom remodel goals and prioritize those that are most important to you. This will help you approach your bathroom remodel with a realistic sense of what you can accomplish within your budget.

2.   Get Inspired.

This is the fun part of your bathroom remodeling project. Look at everything you can to get inspired. Start with home interior magazines and websites. Use Pinterest to pin your favorite bathroom cabinet ideas online. Develop a complete design wish list for your project. Be sure to share your ideas with your bathroom cabinet company design team.

3.   Choose Your Layout.

Your bathroom vanity will be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Decide on a layout for your bathroom vanity and determine how big you need it to be. Don’t be limited by conventional thinking. A bathroom cabinet remodel can be an opportunity to expand your vanity into an L-shape or extend it beyond your existing vanity. Next, decide on the placement of your bathroom wall cabinets and any additional storage needs you might want to work into your new cabinet design.

4.   Speak to a Contractor.

Getting a quote from a contractor is your next step in the bathroom remodeling process. Share your ideas and find out what you can expect to spend. A qualified contractor should be willing to give you a solid number before the project is underway. Find out what kinds of products they offer and decide on a price point that works well for what your goals are.

5.   Think About Resale Value.

If you’re deciding between cabinet and counter options, consider the impact your new cabinets will have on your ROI or return on investment. Bathroom updates can make your home more enticing to potential buyers and even help to add to your overall asking price. Attractive, low-maintenance bathroom counters can also be a selling point for potential buyers. It’s also a good idea to look at more broadly appealing design options if you’re planning to list your home in the future.

6.   Consider Quality.

Be careful about saving money on bathroom cabinets. Avoid purchasing cheaply made cabinets as they can begin to fall apart over time with years of heavy use. Remember that you’re going to be using your cabinets almost daily. You want them to be able to stand up to the humidity in your bathroom as well as the rigors of daily use. At Boca Cabinets, we install 100% solid wood frames and doors and thick wood boxes for the ultimate bathroom durability.

The Decision-making Process

Once you’ve shared your ideas and received a quote on your new bathroom cabinets, it’s time to start making decisions. At Boca Cabinets, we offer a wide range of cabinet design options to integrate into your new remodel. We can customize the size of your cabinets as well as their depth and help you create the layout you’ve been dreaming of from bathroom linen cabinets to custom countertops.


Next, decide if you want frameless or framed bathroom cabinet doors. Choose from a wide range of wood stains and color design options as you design your cabinets. You can also customize your organizers, drawers, hardware, and accessories.


Here are a few more things to consider during the cabinet design process:


●        Color matching your home and bathroom design

●        Current bathroom design trends

●        Matching hardware with your bathroom fixtures

●        Decorative countertop edges including eased, beveled, round-over, and ogee

●        Marble, quartz, or granite countertops

Design Your Chicago Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Are you ready for a more functional and attractive bathroom? Schedule your free bathroom cabinet design consultation or stop by our showroom. Our cabinet installation begins with customized cabinet design services from our experts. Give us a call at 773-886-4686 or stop by our contact page to learn more about options for your home and get your bathroom cabinet quote today.