With all of the extra time most of us are spending at home these days, more homeowners are taking the opportunity to redesign the look of their home’s interior. One of the more popular rooms to take on for a remodeling project is the kitchen. Your kitchen is where many of your family’s most treasured moments take place from starting the day together to bonding over late-night treats and conversation.


One of the easiest ways to get a beautiful new kitchen interior is by replacing your cabinets with a custom cabinet design from Boca Cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets are highly customizable in a number of ways. In this post, we’re sharing some of the design decisions you’ll get to make when customizing your beautiful new cabinets.

Custom Design at an Affordable Price Point

One of the most common reasons homeowners stick with their outdated cabinets is that while the idea of creating their own custom-designed cabinets is appealing, it seems costly. Boca Cabinets offers an affordable solution for homeowners who love the idea of customized hardwood cabinet design but have dismissed it as out of their price range.


Past customers have praised the price range as being more affordable than many big box stores but with a higher potential for customization. With a complete range of customizable options, creating your dream kitchen is as simple as choosing the looks you love. In addition to custom kitchen cabinets, we can create custom cabinet designs for laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.


Here are a few decisions you’ll get to make as you create your custom cabinet design:

1.   Choose the Layout

When you’re customizing your new kitchen cabinets, you’ll need to start by designing the new layout. While it’s perfectly fine to go with what you already know works, many homeowners take advantage of the opportunity to redefine their kitchen layout. We can work with you to help you with any changes you’re considering and even add a custom kitchen island so you can make more of your space.

2.   Choose Boca Select or Boca Premium Door Style

Next, you’ll choose from one of several distinct cabinet door styles. Begin by choosing a Boca Select or a Boca Premium design. Boca Select cabinets are crafted from ½-plywood in a birch wood species. Boca Premium cabinets come in ⅝-inch plywood box construction in a maple species with solid maple drawer and door fronts. Both come with four-way adjustable hinges.

3.   Decide on a Stain or Color

Once you’ve decided on your cabinet layout and chosen a design, you’ll need to choose a color or stain for your dream kitchen. Choose from a dreamy white like Shaker White, White Maple, Dove, Pearl Maple Glazed, Crème Maple Glazed, or Charleston Drive. Embrace the elegant minimalism of Shaker Gray, Greige Maple, or Castle Grey.


Add warmth and depth with Charleston Saddle, Mahogany Maple, or Mocha Maple Glazed. Or delve headlong into rich, dark hues like Shaker Espresso, Java Coffee Maple, or Charcoal. If you’re looking for a custom paint shade, we can help with that, too.

4.   Select Your Accessories

Now comes the fun part. Your custom cabinets can be completely personalized through the addition of custom cabinet organizers and other accessories. Enjoy the added ambiance of under-cabinet LED lighting.


Or incorporate customized storage solutions like pull-out trays, lazy susans, spice drawers, and built-in plate racks. We can also install trash bins to help you keep your wastebasket tucked away neatly out of sight.

5.   Complete the Details

We offer a wide selection of cabinet hardware and molding designs. Add details like panels, rosettes, a wine rack, and a toe kick. From box hoods to galley rails, we’ll help you finish adding all of the important details that elevate the look of your custom cabinets.

6.   Design Your Countertops

After you’ve put together your perfect cabinet door look, the final step is to design your custom countertops. With marble countertops, you’ll enjoy the elegance of vibrant stone in a wide color selection. Or opt for the practicality of heat-resistant and low-maintenance granite. For the highest level of durability, consider a quartz countertop, which is difficult to stain or damage and an excellent choice for a busy family.

Create Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Today

Are you ready to elevate your kitchen to its ultimate potential? Let our custom kitchen cabinet design team help you create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll love preparing meals for friends and loved ones in a kitchen that’s customized for your home.



At your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a professional cabinet design expert to create your custom kitchen cabinets. To schedule your completely free consultation or visit our showroom, give us a call at 773-886-4686. You can also connect with us on our contact page to get started on your new kitchen right away.