A few decades ago, the rules of interior design seemed almost as rigid as the rules of fashion. Just as you wouldn’t wear brown shoes with black pants or try to pull off white after Labor Day, mixing metals in interior design was a serious faux pas. However, these days, design pros are breaking all of the rules, and the end result is nothing short of splendid. By integrating different metals for sink fixtures, kitchen appliances, and cabinet hardware, home design experts are creating stunning new looks in modern homes.


At Boca Cabinets, we specialize in custom cabinet installation for homeowners and contractors in Chicago and beyond. Check out these great ways to use the mixed metal design trend in your home with kitchen cabinet hardware solutions from Boca Cabinets.

The Beauty of Mixed Metals

Metal accents are a great look for many styles of home decor because they add contrast and brightness to a kitchen space. Mixing metals works by creating a uniquely textured look, working in concert without taking on an overly uniform or sterile look. To achieve this look, you can incorporate a wide range of metal combinations. Work with different types of metals like silver, gold, or copper as well as different finishes to add depth and character.


Follow these tips to get the most from the mixed metal look:


●        Experiment with finishes- Consider incorporating glossy chrome, antique or hammered metals, or elegant matte finishes. Contrasting the minimalism of polished metal with a more weathered look adds dimensionality to a space.


●        Choose a dominant look- Pick a primary metal look that fits with the overall design of your home. Accent with a complementary look.


●        Limit the number of metals- Stick with no more than two or three metals in a room. Anything more can look too busy or overwhelming. Make sure they’re evenly spaced out, and use the accent pieces carefully.


●        Mix warm and cool metals- Use varying shades of silver and brass, or vary golds like rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold metallics. Decide if you want to use primarily warm or cool metals, and then accent with the opposite. Warm metal shades include warm tones found in gold, brass, and copper. Cool tones are found in silver, chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Integrating Mixed Metals With Your Cabinet Design

The dominant metals in a mixed metal design should be informed by the overall cabinet door and countertop design. Choose a primary design that complements the style and color of the cabinet door you’re having installed.


First, check out this primer on choosing cabinet hardware:


●        Shaker Cabinets- The shaker look is a design inspired by 1800s Shakers, a sect of Quakers known for their simple, minimalist designs. The simplicity of the look makes it highly versatile for use in modern homes. Understated hardware features like tubular bars fit well with this look.


●        Ornate Cabinet Designs- More elaborate cabinet designs work well with a more traditional cabinet pull design.


Next, consider your base color design or style and choose both a dominant metal and accent metal that complement this look:


●        Farmhouse Style Decor- The modern farmhouse look is more popular than ever. A modern farmhouse kitchen offers the comfort of a traditional farmhouse combined with modern details and subdued neutrals. Authentic vintage metal textures in cool, burnished shades look stunning with a farmhouse design. Contrast with warm accent features that blend with the look like brass or copper.


●        Contemporary Modern Design- For an ultra-modern design, choose a solid black or brilliant white cabinet door design and pair with polished chrome handles. Accent with contrasting textures while sticking with the same color pattern.


●        French Rustic or Traditional Country Design- With a traditional rustic design, simple is better. Stick with traditional cabinet pulls in textured metals.


●        Provencal Design- If your dream kitchen embodies echoes of Provencal France or the Mediterranean, add elegant antique metal features.

Designing Your Custom Cabinets

If you’re feeling timid about designing custom cabinets without the help of a professional, our team at Boca Cabinets has got your back with custom cabinet design services. We’ll begin by talking about your design goals.


Whether you love the idea of a farmhouse, modern, or retro kitchen, we’ll make recommendations to create that look. We’ll help you choose the right stain or color and texture for the design you’re going for. Next, it’s time for cabinet accessories, countertops, and arrangement. Finally, we’ll help you choose the perfect hardware details.


Installing Custom Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If you’re considering the mixed metal trend for your kitchen or you’re interested in considering other designs, we can help. At Boca Cabinets in Chicago, we specialize in beautiful cabinets at an affordable price that fits your budget.


To set up a completely free consultation or a visit to our showroom, call and connect with a member of our cabinet design team at 773-886-4686. Or stop by our contact page to get started on your new kitchen design today.