There’s nothing quite like preparing a beautiful family meal in a well-appointed kitchen. Whether your idea of a perfect dinner is chicken cacciatore, tuna mac, or a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream, your kitchen is where the magic happens. And one of the keys to a well-appointed kitchen is having the right kitchen cabinet design.


At Boca Cabinets, our cabinet design team is committed to creating home designs that transform and elevate the way people live. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the most beautifully unique kitchen cabinet door styles to inspire your new kitchen cabinet remodel. To order your new kitchen cabinets, give us a call today!

1.   Glass Upper Cabinets

Many new home constructions incorporate glass upper cabinets to let homeowners showcase their decor and pretty kitchen essentials. While transparent glass is popular, many homeowners opt for a unique design that transforms and inspires. Etched glass, textured glass, frosted glass, and even pebble glass can each add  to the unique architectural feel of a space.

2.   Decorative Metal Grates

Decorative wire mesh cabinet grates are one of the hottest design trends for modern homes. While glass cabinet fronts can be attractive and make it easier to find what you need, there’s a lot of pressure to make sure everything looks nice. With a decorative metal grate, you can take a look inside without having your belongings on full display. The grates also offer plenty of ventilation.


But metal grates are so much more than just practical. With a wide range of styles, metals, and patterns, grates add interest, texture, and even glamour.


Whether you’re looking to infuse your space with a chic architectural feel or a vintage industrial flair, metal grates can get you the look you’re dreaming of. And the beauty of metal grates is that this look is versatile enough to use throughout your home in bookcases, entertainment centers, and custom built-in features.

3.   Accent Wood Pieces

Traditional wisdom says you need to choose a single cabinet color. But more modern home designs are playing around with accent pieces to great effect.


Just as an attractive natural wood piece can look stunning when juxtaposed against a bright white space, wood accent panels look spectacular against white cabinets. A few accent doors are all it takes to make a bold statement that doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen or look too busy.

4.   Hardware-Free

For the ultimate minimalist kitchen, design a space that features hardware-free door panels that use a simple, functional pull-out lip. Whether your dream kitchen is solid white or a deep, rich espresso, this look can be absolutely stunning and ultra-modern. When paired with a stunning marble slab and the right backsplash, the hardware-free look can be a real show-stopper.

5.   Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are a huge design moment right now due to their simple, clean lines and design versatility. This look originated in the 18th century with the Shakers, a religious movement that emerged during the American colonial period. The Shakers were committed to simplicity and minimalism, an ethos reflected in their furniture and architectural designs.


Shaker cabinets are built to be sturdy and utilitarian in design and are typically manufactured with durable American woods like oak, hickory, and maple. Although they can feature a simple, natural finish, a coat of gray or white paint can look modern and bright.

Durable Kitchen Cabinet Construction

When you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you need cabinets that stand up to heavy use. All of our cabinets at Boca Cabinets are designed custom to your specifications and hand-crafted with thick, sturdy boards. We use splinter-free wood that’s water-resistant and perfect for high-humidity environments that won’t crack or warp.

Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Designing your kitchen cabinets begins with considering your kitchen layout and whether you want to change your space. Next, it’s time to select the details that make your cabinets unique. You’ll decide on style, color palette or stain, texture,


Once you’ve decided on an overarching cabinet design, it’s time to choose your kitchen accessories. At Boca Cabinets, we offer a complete range of kitchen cabinet accessories to organize your space and transform the way you live.


These are just a few of our most popular accessories:


●        Open-corner shelving

●        Drawer inserts

●        Spice drawers

●        Pull-out trays

●        Lazy Susans

●        Built-in plate rack

●        Under-cabinet LED lighting

●        Built-in trash bins

●        Tip-out trays

●        Wine rack

●        And more

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